Best Dog Food For Bulldogs

Best Dog Food for Bulldogs – Getting your pet the best and healthiest food is very important. The taste should be appealing to them. Quantity and how often you feed your pet depends on the type of animal you are petting. So, as a pet owner, you have to be really careful about the food you choose for your paw partner.

Now, when it comes to petting dogs there are a whole lot of things you need to pay attention to regarding its diet. The type of food and its quantity that you should give to your dog will depend on its breed, age, daily activities, health conditions and also the climatic conditions in which it is staying.

Some common factors to keep in mind while buying food for dogs of any breed are given here.

Factors To Consider While Buying Dog Food:

  • Preservatives: try to get the food that has natural preservatives. Some natural preservatives are tocopherols and ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. Artificial preservatives can affect the health of your dog in the long run and different dogs react differently to such preservatives. It is, therefore, best to avoid these preservatives. The natural preservatives will help to keep your dog fresh and will have almost zero negative impacts on its health.


  • Vegetable: dogs are carnivorous animals and don’t usually need vegetables. But when it comes to your pet dog which depends completely on you for its nutrition, it is important that you provide enough vitamins and minerals to it. But you have to be careful about the vegetables you give your pet dog. Onions, mushrooms, and garlic are considered to be highly toxic vegetables for the dogs. Hence make sure you don’t feed any of these to your dog. Many of the food items we consume usually contain these ingredients, so completely avoid giving the food you eat, to your dog.


  • Fats and oils: these are necessary when it comes to the health of your dog. Fats and oils add to the taste and make absorption of vitamins better. A good amount of fat and oils also helps to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.


  • Proteins: meat is the major source of protein in dog food. The dog food packets will have the type of meat listed right on top of the ingredients followed by the amount of fats.


  • Carbohydrates and grains: a source of energy for every active dog is carbohydrates which is abundant in the grains that the dogs consume. Before you feed your dog with grains make sure it is not allergic to grains. Rice, soy, corn, wheat, barley, and oats are good alternatives to grain.

In this article, we will explore the best dog food that you can give to your bulldogs.

This fun and goofy breed can easily be identified by its massive body and wrinkles on the skin. Bulldogs were used for helping the butchers. This dog would keep a bull in place by grabbing its nose. Later they were used for dog fights and other blood sports before they were started being pet by people.

The breed has no standard height and weight can be somewhere between 40 to 50 pounds when fully mature.

Bulldogs, however, are plagued by multiple health problems and therefore require a high quality and healthy diet in order to increase the life span.


Diet Requirements Of Bulldogs


The most important nutrient for a dog is protein. Given the size and activities of a bulldog, the protein required is much greater as compared to dogs of other breeds. Bulldog puppies need more protein-rich diet for better building of muscles. The matured ones are able to maintain lean muscle mass with the right amount of protein.

Since bulldogs already have a bulky structure so the amount of fats you give them should be well controlled to avoid obesity in the adults and overgrowth in the young ones.

Throughout the lifespan of a bulldog, it is very important to consider the amount of protein and fats that it receives as those two nutrients are important for better health, and digestion.

Make sure your bulldog gets fiber content of around 5 percent, mostly in the form of prebiotic fibers. Bulldogs are usually prone to be allergic to grains, so consider giving a diet free of grain. You can feed them vegetables, legumes, and beans for carbohydrates, which are the source of energy for them.

What you feed your bulldog will depend on its age. So here is the diet to be followed for bulldogs of different age:


Diet Of Puppy Bulldogs


22 percent of protein and 8 percent of fats is the correct amount to be given to a puppy bulldog. This will boost his growth and development in the early years. Make a puppy formula and follow it to ensure that your puppy is getting the right amounts of all the nutrients he needs. Fat amount should be controlled to avoid overgrowth in puppies.


Diet Of Adult Bulldogs


When the puppy is around a year old or so it is advised that you switch to a diet for an adult bulldog. Give up the puppy formula and now use a new adult recipe with minimum protein percentage being 18 and fat percentage being 5. 24 to 30 % protein is the ideal amount as an adult bulldog. Fats can also range between 12 to 16 percentage which is low to moderate content of fat.


Diet Of Senior Bulldogs


At this stage, the bulldog should be fed a healthy diet with more carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein. Fat content should be reduced to low because there are chances of the dog becoming obese if fats and oils taken are more or kept the same as an adult or a puppy.

Apart from the three basic nutrients, some supplements like prebiotics, probiotics, chelated minerals, glucosamine, and chondroitin can also be given to the bulldogs for better health.

Prebiotics are helpful for healthy gut flora. Probiotics enhance regular digestion. The chelated minerals are used for better absorption of proteins as they remain bound to the molecules of protein. Bulldog’s joints and bones get support from the glucosamine and chondroitin.

Bulldogs have evolved with time, they are a lot different from their ancestors and the sole reason for this change is human interference. The idea of breeding selectively to attain smashed faces, compact bodies and oversized heads has resulted in a noticeably high cost.

The bulldog is prone to many health issues and therefore needs a special diet for increased lifespan. It has a low lifespan of 8 to 10 years even after being medium-sized. The major reason is that it is prone to many health problems.

Here is a list of common health issues that are seen among the bulldogs:

  • Cherry eye
  • Allergies
  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Entropion
  • Demodectic mange
  • Gastric Torsion
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Skinfold dermatitis
  • Reverse sneezing

Among these, eye problems and musculoskeletal problems are the most common ones. Cherry eye, entropion, and dry eye are some eye problems commonly faces by bulldogs.

In the cherry eye the gland under-eye protrudes from the corners, entropion causes eyelashes to turn inwards causing irritation and dry eye is a result of inadequate tear production.

Bulldogs have a compressed structure and mass is significant, both leading to musculoskeletal problems. Abnormality in the hip joint is known as hip dysplasia. In patellar luxation the knee caps or the patella slips in and out of position. Arthritis is also common among this breed.

Allergies and obesity are other two problems you might encounter with your bulldog. They develop allergies pretty quickly. Most of them are allergic to grains. So maintain a grain-free diet. Chicken, beef, and pork can also be sources of allergies for these dogs.

This breed is deep-chested and therefore has a higher risk of developing gastric torsion or bloating. In this condition, the blood flow is cut off as the stomach is twisted.

This condition can be caused if the dog drinks too much water, swallows too much air while eating or exercises right after the meal. Therefore, maintaining a healthy body weight of the bulldog is very important as it can avoid all such problems and keep the dog healthy.


Feeding Chart Of Bulldogs


Two things you have to keep in mind while feeding a bulldog. One, the food should provide the nutrition of high quality. Second, the healthy body weight of the dog should be maintained.

When your bulldog is a puppy give it 3 meals a day. It is required for proper growth and development. They are also very energetic at this age, so feeding well is important.

As it grows into an adult the quantity of food you give it should be reduced slightly so that bodyweight doesn’t increase too much. Half to two cups of food divided into meals throughout the day will be enough for an adult or senior bulldog.

Always go for high-quality dog food which has an adequate amount of protein and low or moderate fat content.

The packet contains details on how you should feed your dog based on its age, height, and weight. What you need to do is divide that quantity into meals and feed the dog at regular intervals daily.

As your dog grows the requirements will keep changing. So, keep a close check of its height, weight, and age and accordingly change the amount of food you give.

With knowledge about bulldogs diet requirements we will now see some best dog foods available for bulldogs.


Top Picks Of Dog food For Bulldog


The best dog food will contain natural and high-quality ingredients along with the right amounts of animal protein, low to moderate content of fat, carbohydrates which are easily digestible and appropriate supplements to promote stronger bones and joints.

Here is a list of best dog foods for your bulldog:

  1. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food


The manufacturers promise to partner with veterinarians to carefully develop the food ingredients and to ensure that every nutrient is perfect for the breed.


They claim to study the breed lifestyle, stage needs, and the tendencies to develop certain health issues. They have incorporated this product to take care of every part of your dog’s body including facial and jaw structure, skin and coat. The structure of the food is also carefully designed for healthy chewing and digesting. The package will weigh 6.11 pounds.




Excellent quality natural ingredients

Easy to digest

Rich in protein content

Packed with chicken fat and more

Necessary vitamins also present

Chelated minerals, omega fatty acids, and potassium-rich



Expensive for feeding as a staple diet

Some claim default product delivery

Fat content may be high for some bulldogs


  1. Nulo Grain-Free (Salmon & Peas Puppy Recipe)


With 80 percent animal protein and grain-free carbohydrates, this is nutrient-rich dog food for your bulldog.

The carbohydrates are low glycemic and there is no chicken or eggs in the protein content, making it a good option for avoiding allergies and other sensitivities. They deliver natural dog food which is freshly prepared right at your doorstep. You can make monthly payments that are automated.

Added calcium and phosphorus boosts the strengthening of bones and joints.




  • Free of chicken and eggs
  • Low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Contains calcium and phosphorus
  • Enhances the growth and development




  • Protein content may be too high


  1. IAMS Dry Dog Food Lamb and Rice Proactive Health Food for dogs


This dog food is said to be the best for the bulldogs which have very sensitive stomachs. Such dogs should be fed a grain-free diet made with easily digestible ingredients.

It contains high protein. Protein sources are salmon and chicken meals. It contains grain-free carbohydrates and animal fats which are healthy.

It also contains a blend of omega fatty acids for good skin and coat of dog. The recipe offers a natural source of the supplement glucosamine which is needed for joint support.

Packed with lamb and chicken, claiming to be of real and rich quality, this brand brings for your dog the complete and balanced nutrition in one food packet.

It also features real and wholesome ingredients like beetroot, rice, and corn. This food brand is made for bulldogs of all ages alike. It takes care of their special needs.




Best for sensitive stomachs

Packed with vitamins



Dogs seem to relish




Not sufficient

Might cause allergy


  1. Earthborn Holistic Venture (Rabbit Meal & Pumpkin LID Grain-Free Recipe)


Incase your bulldog has allergies, this right here is the best option available, since it comprises of all-natural ingredients only. The main ingredients are limited so as to avoid the risk of your dog developing any allergies or sensitivities.

The only source of animal protein is the meat of the rabbit reducing the risk of allergies further. Fresh pumpkin contained serves as the source of carbohydrates.

Omega fatty acids are contained in the food so that your dog has a healthy and shiny coat and skin. Chelated minerals are also present abundantly to enable optimal mineral absorption. Some dried fermented products in the recipe help in better digestion in the dog.

Therefore this dog food can be a great choice for your bulldog.




  • Totally natural and holistic ingredients
  • Number of ingredients used is limited
  • Only a single source of novel protein
  • Grain-free carbohydrates in the form of pumpkin
  • Rich in omega fatty acids
  • Chelated minerals
  • Probiotics




  • Fiber content may be too high for some dogs
  • Some plant protein is contained in the form of peas



Next, we will see some top-rated dog foods for adult bulldogs.


Best Dog Foods for Adult Bulldog


  1. Purina Bella Natural Bites for Adult dogs Dry Food


This dog food claims to work towards working up the metabolism of your dog. It comes with added minerals and vitamins and is also protein-packed.

No artificial colors or preservatives are added to the food. The taste has been developed to suit most dogs. These also claim to freshen their breath.

Package weight may be 12.2 or may vary. But yes, If you are willing to give a protein-rich diet to your bulldog then this may be your option. It contains multiple animal proteins like meats of turkey, lamb, duck, and salmon.

The protein content is 32 percent and the fat content is 16 percent which is perfect for an adult bulldog.





Dogs like the flavor


Helps to improve




Not very healthy

Customers have received rotten food



  1. Royal Canin Dog Food French Bulldog Adult Mix 3kg


A dry recipe for the adult bulldogs, the Wild frontier is a good choice. It contains animal proteins of premium quality. The food is useful in maintaining lean muscle mass and also controls fats maintaining a healthy weight of the bulldog. The 3.44-pound food for french bulldogs is very popular among dogs.

Comprising of L-carnitine this dog food is ideal for maintaining muscle mass with an optimal amount of protein content of 26%.

This helps to reduce the chance of intestinal fermentation which may result in deadly digestive disorders, flatulence, and bad stool odor.

It contains EPA and DHA to help maintain skin health and supports the skin’s “barrier” role with an exclusive complex. The kibble is exclusively designed to make it easier for the French Bulldog to pick up and to encourage him to chew.





Easy to eat

Good for digestion







  1. Purina ONE Smartblend Natural Adult Dry dog food


Protein-rich Purina food is popular among the dogs for real ingredients and fiber-rich content. They target the unique needs of the dog and help him with digestion, sensitive systems, and healthy weight.





Can be helpful in losing weight

Good for the bulldogs with joint problems




Instigates allergies

Causes vomiting at times

Not value for money


  1. Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive skin and stomach Adult Dry dog food


For bulldogs suffering from allergies, it is very important to get dog food which has a limited number of ingredients and is free of grain which is a major allergen for many dogs.

The recipe of this particular dog food contains lamb which has been deboned and it is the main ingredient. The sources of carbohydrates are lentils and chickpeas, hence it is grain-free.

For optimal absorption of nutrients, it contains lots of chelated minerals and omega fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin. Comes with real salmon, this dog food is rich in fiber and promotes digestive health.

No colors, artificial flavor, corn, wheat or by-product are added in this dog food. Rich in omega 6 fatty acids help the dog with healthy skin and a healthy coat.




Omega-6 rich


Helps with the stomach sensitivity


Perfect for allergy stricken dogs







Finally, let’s look into the top products for the little bulldog puppies.


Best Dog Foods For The Bulldog Puppies


  1. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food


The kimbles of the food are specially designed for your puppy. It aims at strengthening the immune system of the puppies, their digestive health and their bone health.






Easy for the pup to eat and digest

Works well for those prone to allergies





Fat content is high

Rancid food quality at times


  1. Nulo Grain-Free (Salmon & Peas Puppy Recipe)


With 80 percent animal protein and grain-free carbohydrates, this is nutrient-rich dog food for your bulldog. The carbohydrates are low glycemic and there is no chicken or eggs in the protein content, making it a good option for avoiding allergies and other sensitivities.

Added calcium and phosphorus boosts the strengthening of bones and joints.




  • Free of chicken and eggs
  • Low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Contains calcium and phosphorus
  • Enhances the growth and development




  • Protein content may be too high


Best Dog Foods For Senior Bulldogs


  1. Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Senior Recipe

As the bulldog gets older the need for nutrients is reduced but quality nutrition is a must. At this stage, the dog is prone to developing multiple health issues which were discussed earlier. So what you feed the senior bulldog is very important.

Castor provides with high quality and grain-free recipe with organic ingredients in it. Limited fat content prevents obesity. The high protein content is useful in maintaining lean muscle mass. Probiotics are also included for the healthy digestion of the dog.




  • Affordable
  • High in quality
  • Protein-rich
  • Healthy fats only
  • Organic ingredients
  • Supplements for balance




  • Not grain-free


  1. FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Weight Control Senior Formula

This formula is for dogs who are becoming obese or have other weight issues. Limited ingredients and a single novel source of protein reduce the risk of allergies and sensitivities.

It contains an adequate amount of protein as well as fats for a balanced diet. Rich in omega fatty acids and also includes chelated minerals and glucosamine.




  • High in protein
  • Essential omega fatty acids
  • Chelated minerals and glucosamine contained
  • Reduced risk of allergies
  • Controls body weight




  • Expensive option


Hence we have explored the best dog foods available for bulldogs of all ages.

Next, we’ll look into some common questions every bulldog has.


Common Questions Related To Bulldog’s Diet


How much food should be fed to a bulldog?

This will depend on the age, height, weight, and activities of the dog. Half to two cups is the usual quantity that you can break down into different meals. Feeding recommendations are given on the dog food packs. Refer to those for better understanding.


How many times should a bulldog be fed?

Puppies should be fed three times a day. Reduce this as the puppy grows up into an adult. Reduce further for the senior bulldogs. Two meals per day are apt for adult and senior Bulldogs.


What are the vegetables best for a bulldog?

The best vegetables for your bulldog are broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower, asparagus, brussels sprouts, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, green beans, zucchini, and carrots. These are fibrous food items, so be careful to not overfeed the bulldog as it may lead to stomach problems.


Is it required to feed bulldogs with grain-free food?

There is no solid evidence as to the safety of grain-free foods. Bulldogs usually have a higher risk of developing allergies, grains being a major allergen. So, it is advisable that you get grain-free food for the bulldog.


What should be the size of the feeding bowl?

Bulldogs consume about ¼ th to 1 cup of food per meal, so you will have to get a large feeding bowl. Ceramic or stainless steel are the preferred materials over plastic ones.


What do I need to prepare for before feeding my bulldog?

Balanced Diet is something that’s most important in any meal program, hence it’s ideal to make sure whatever your dog eats, it adds up to form a balanced diet. Start by checking package labels for something called a statement of nutritional adequacy.


It should say that the food meets nutrient profiles established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) or that it has passed feeding trials designed to AAFCO standards.


How to make sure if the food I am providing is actually good for my dog?

Firstly, have a look at the body and the fur of the dog. In general, if the dog appears to be thriving on the food and has a glossy coat, lots of energy, and a fit appearance, the food suits it well.

It does happen, that the way food is processed or the ingredients it contains may make it difficult for the dog to absorb all the required nutrients.

It’s very important to switch your dog’s food if it tends to eventually leave a dull coat and starts to lack energy. It’s also important to keep a check on the dog’s excreta to find out if it’s suffering from any digestion issues, says Joseph Wakshlag, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.



A good pet owner is the one who does the right shopping for his pet, especially when it comes to food. It becomes very important to select the right supplement for your dog since what goes down the belly will determine the kind of interaction you’ll have with the dog or how healthy life will the dog live.

Since bulldogs already have a bulky structure so the amount of fats you give them should be well controlled to avoid obesity in the adults and overgrowth in the young ones.

Throughout the lifespan of a bulldog, it is very important to consider the amount of protein and fats that it receives as those two nutrients are important for better health, and digestion.

Hence, we have seen all factors to be considered while selecting the right nutritious diet for the bulldogs. Remember as your dog grows you will have to change the diet as well. Also, watch out for ingredients that might trigger allergies. Give the best to your bulldogs.